Wind energy ( Avallon Sp. z o.o. )

Witamy na stronie firmy Avallon, która zajmuje się pozyskiwaniem lokalizacji, wyszukiwaniem terenów pod planowną inwestycję. Avallon wykonuje również odpowiednie raporty z obszaru poszukiwań proponowanego miejsca lokalizacji bazowej i jest doskonałym partnerem w takich celach.

Zapraszamy siedziby Avallon w Poznaniu i oddziału w Katowicach.

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wind energy

In March 2007 The European Council passed a resolution “3 times 20” introducing the requirement stating that until 2020, 20% of energy must be obtained from renewable sources.

In Poland to significant extent it will apply to obtaining renewable energy from wind power plants. Considering the above, since over 2 years we have been developing a department in our company dealing with complex preparation of investments of such type. As we have always been interested in environmental protection and thanks to experience and knowledge in administrative procedures, regulations on environmental protection, land planning and realization of constructions and tower objects our company aims at optimum use of the potential it possesses and at further development of the company and its personnel. In order to provide access to knowledge and experience we cooperate with one of the biggest wind developers in Germany, Energiequelle Gmbh company.

Our offer:

  • Initial analysis of the project,
  • Location acquiring,
  • Specification of wind potential and technical planning,
  • Land planning,
  • Project and administrative works,
  • Construction and assembly works and electric energy works.

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